Pokemon NO GO on construction sites

It was bound to happen after so many near misses and hits on the streets, footpaths, parks and other public places, now the adepts of Pokemon GO have been warned off construction sites.

According to an article in the West Australian newspaper the Mandurah Mail, WorkSafe have issued a warning to players of the worldwide phenomenon after receiving numerous complaints of users accessing construction sites to pursue Pokémon. The WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner, Mr McCulloch said “We’ve recently received information that Pokémon Go players have been illegally accessing sites to chase the virtual characters that pop up there”.

He added: “Anyone who accesses construction sites without permission is not only risking trespass charges, but also risking their personal safety due to the multiple hazards that can exist on these sites. Employers who have control over construction sites are also reminded that they have a duty of care under workplace safety and health laws to ensure that people not involved with the site are not exposed to the hazards there."

I can imagine the issue of Pokemon NO GO being discussed at tool box meetings on construction sites with special signage being erected.

This photo depicts a keen Pokemon GO addict on his quest to capture the elusive one.


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