About us

With 18 years experience in risk management and occupational health & safety, I understand the challenges some smaller business operators face when it comes to OHS compliance.
I've helped tradies get their OHS system together so they could tender for jobs they previously would have missed out on.
My many years as OHS advisor in local government made me aware of the difficulties community groups faced when setting up an event or even a cake stall. I took pride in helping them with their risk management plans.
As Bass Coast OHS Consulting my commitment to you is to provide advice you can trust and services you can rely on.

Jean (John) Papillon

principal consultant

Diploma in OHS/WHS

member of
Bass Coast OHS clients include

"Bass Coast OHS Consulting provided us with a quality tailor-made OHS manual which allowed us to qualify for preferred supplier status with a local government council." Michelle Crotty, art director, Interpretive by Design

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