We understand that, for many small businesses and tradies, occupational health and safety (OHS) can be a challenge and appears costly but it doesn't need to be.
Bass Coast OHS Consulting specializes in OHS advice and services for small businesses and tradespeople located in the Bass Coast and Gippsland areas. We also provide electrical testing & tagging service.
Our aim is to provide the best OHS advice and the right OHS systems so self employed tradies and owners of small businesses can have the peace of mind of operating in a safe work environment and complying with the OHS body of legislation.                   
Is your workplace ready for a visit?
photograph courtesy of WorkSafe Victoria

While a serious OHS incident can be financially disastrous for any business, the impact of inadequate OHS interventions can be felt to a much greater extent by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).


The ability to easily or quickly replace key personnel, pay fines and litigation costs, or cope with interruptions to business can be much more difficult for the less resource secure SMEs (EU-OSHA 2009; MacEachen et al. 2010)

Why is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) important?


Very often if you are a small contractor or self employed tradesperson you will need to have a bona fides OHS system if you want to work or quote with large firms, government departments and local councils.


We've all seen the WorkSafe ads where an inspector calls unannounced to a workplace. WorkSafe will expect you to provide safe work systems even if you are a small business. An OHS consultant can help you.


But more important: as a business owner you have the moral responsibility to your employees and their families & friends to ensure they don't get injured at work.


In Gippsland and Bass Coast, like many country areas an injury at work may have an impact on the community: a full forward out for the season, a Rotary Club or CFA volunteer no longer able to contribute, a part time kids' music teacher out of action, and so on.


That's why Occupational Health and Safety is serious business.

photographs courtesy of WorkSafe Victoria
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